When i got the boot from my old job, I was 42 yrs old. I immediately put my updated resume up on several well known sites and got a few interviews
that went no where.

I came to a realization.

My professional background is in Information Technology Management. I managed an engineering staff as well as a desktop support staff. I built
a team that was loyal and professional who cared about each other, not
easy to do.

I found several “Management” positions but they were mostly glorified managers. By that I mean technical professionals who were looking for a management title.

The majority of the IT skills I accumulated over the years were no longer needed. I managed an engineering staff and technical support staff
who did their job well. They just needed my direction, motivation,
encouragement and nurturing.

I had an employee who i didn’t even hire tell me I was “like a brother to
him”. Our crew was very tight. My previous employer went through several directors and our CFO fell in love with a director he had past history with.

It changed everything.

Since then I’ve been playing poker, selling advertising and collecting $$
from affiliate advertising, writing and other creative means. Somehow, I’ve been able to get by but I haven’t hit the grand slam I was hoping for. Call me a sellout. I’d like to think of myself as a survivor.

I’ll always play poker but after our move to FL next month, I’ll be forced to looking into some sort of regular employment. While I’m definitely not looking forward to waking up at a reasonable time in the A.M., i realize I can’t retire this early and must find a way to bring in a reliable income for the family. This month to month shit is just no longer feasible.

Tina and I were talking with a neighbor who had recently graduated from college that’s in a similar predicament. Where do I go from here? There are just so many options. One of them may be stocking shelves at Home Depot.

It can always be worse.

Buckle up

It could get ugly.

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Growing up, my brother and I had a real passion for the game of baseball.  During our childhood we inherited our dad’s team, the Dodgers as our own.  My favorite Dodger player as a kid was the “penguin”, Ron Cey.  It was his power and solid defense I came to appreciate.  Cey was a perennial Dodger all-star from ’74-’79.  I cheered along side my dad when the Dodgers were finally able to overcome the hated New York Yankees in ’81 after losing to the Bronx Bombers back to back in the  ’77 and ’78 World Series’ and then beating the heavily favored Oakland A’s in ’88 (queue Kirk Gibson WS home run trot).

Double fist pump!

When I moved to Newport Beach in ’97 my allegiance to the Dodgers was altered.  I began following the Angels who trotted out the likes of Garret Anderson, Tim Salmon, Darin Erstad, Chuck Finley and my favorite Angel until he left the club in 2005, Troy Percival.  Percival was introduced late in the game with Godsmack’s “Keep Away” blaring over the stadium speakers, a kick ass way to come into a game IMO.

The Angels were generally a pretty mediocre team in the ‘90’s.  That was until Mike Scioscia was brought in to manage the team in 2000, a former Dodger player and member of the L.A. championship teams in ’81 and ’88.  Mike brought in several former Dodger players onto his coaching staff including, Mickey Hatcher, Alfredo Griffin, Ron Roenicke and Bud Black. This made the transition from a Dodger fan to an Angel fan pretty transparent.  These were all guys I grew up watching in Dodger blue who went on to win World Championship rings with the Dodgers and were now coaching my new home town team, the Angels.

Scioscia turned the team around pretty quickly winning the 2002 World Series against the heavily favored San Francisco Giants led by a juiced up Barry Bonds.  That was a magical year for the Halos, I was fortunate enough to attend World Series games 2 and 7 in Anaheim. Percival got the save in both games.  It was an experience I’ll never forget, jumping around in the stands after that final out in game 7 was exhilarating.  High fiving other fans as the trophy was brought onto the field and given to Mike Scioscia.  The Anaheim Angels were World Champions of Major League Baseball.

The Angels have had continued success behind Scioscia winning the AL West 5 of the last 6 years but coming up short in the LDS and ALCS.

I  was given a $100 Ticketmaster gift card a while back and finally got around to using it.  Two seats in the club level on the 1st base side at Angels Stadium for opening day 2010 against the Minnesota Twins, April 5th.  The Angels start the season with a 6-3 win over the Twinkies including homeruns by our newest free agent acquisition DH Hideki Matsui, first baseman Kendry Morales and catcher Jeff Mathis.

Here’s to hoping the Halos can regain the magic of that 2002 season and bring home another trophy to Anaheim.


Poker is so brutal; many disappointments and unexpected letdowns.  After relentless torture, you flop the nuts and play cautiously.  This comes from experience.

What other game is like that?

Many approaches are taken.  Raise/re-raise then bet some more, bet/call, limp/call, limp/shove or just fold and GTFO.

Coin flips, 60/40 races and the ol’ two outer suckout.  When I suckout, I should take a screenshot. I wonder how much I would’ve lost/won if I called or shoved way behind.  I’ve done it many times but, I’ve also made some tough folds.  Maybe it all would’ve evened out.  A mysterious joke really.

Random thoughts from a tilted mind.

Never say never

I’ve spent my entire life in Southern California.  I grew up surfing and playing sports with the neighborhood kids.  I had a real love for surfing.  We’d bike to the beach every weekend with a trailer hooked to the back of someone’s bike hauling our surfboards, boogie boards and fins.  We’d spend all day at the beach and ride back.

Hermosa Beach was about 7 miles each way from the house I grew up in.  When we made that final turn up the block to my house, my brother and I would dump our stuff in the driveway and run into house to gorge on whatever we could find in the kitchen.  Meanwhile, my mom would be telling us dinner would be ready soon.

“Don’t spoil your appetite”.

I loved the beach and loved surfing.  During high school, my life was spent at the beach when I wasn’t in school.  Once I got my car during senior year, my schedule was down to four classes so I was able to bolt from school and go straight to the beach at noon with whoever wanted to tagged along.

It was an awesome time for me.

Tina recently finished her matching process for internship.  She applied and interviewed in NC and FL last month.  This morning we found out she was granted a one year internship in Bradenton, FL.  She’s worked so hard to get to this point.  It’s a huge milestone and she’s pretty excited to start.  I’m very proud of what she’s been able to accomplish working through her doctorate.

Why Bradenton?  It’s partially economics and partially family reasons.  Tina has family in Bradenton and we’ve come to the realization that we’ll never be able to afford a house here unless we move inland.  We’ve been renting a 2 BR/2 BA condo here about 2 miles from the beach.  Even the rent is rediculous ($1900/mo).

In four months, we’ll be packing up a truck and hauling all our possessions along with my car and our little mutt over 2600 miles.

I never dreamed I’d ever leave my homeland but, the time has come to move on.  I don’t surf anymore but I’ll miss SoCal and my family dearly.  It will be a difficult transition for me but, I’m excited to start this new chapter in our lives.

A bit of basic poker strategy for new no-limit hold’em players, here are a few tips that will help you before you start splashing around.

–         Be selective with starting hands. Play a tight range of hands, at least if you are new to the game. Stick to hands such as AA/KK/QQ/AK/JJ/AQ/AJ/KQ and pairs 77+.

–         Position is king. The later you get to act in a hand the more information you receive regarding the strength of your opponent’s holdings.  If you feel like getting creative, do it in late position. The button is the best position to play from.

–         Play the player. Players can go on tilt. If you make a huge bluff, you have the opportunity to show the cards and put your opponent off his game. Playing against someone who is on steaming monkey tilt is ideal. Pay close attention to showdowns and keep in mind how players represented their hands.

–         Bluff with moderation. To win in poker you must bluff, but you can’t do it all the time. Especially against weak players who call a lot.  Pick your spots wisely. Some of the worst players can be found in casinos online.

Good luck at the tables!

Sputtering about

I’ve been struggling for several months with the motivation to play focused and disciplined online poker.  There always seems to be some distraction keeping me from putting in the hours I should.  But now that football season is over and the Bolts discovered another epic way to implode, I really have no excuses not to bang away at the tables.

A few months back I mentioned some interest in grinding 45 man sngs.  These can be very profitable although mind numbingly boring.

A recent sharkscope chart:

I’ve been dabbling in MTT’s again without much success and find myself getting frustrated after losing a bunch of consecutive races.  Yesterday, I lost 10 of 12 flips and shut things down.  In one flip, i flopped a set with presto only to crash and burn to runner/runner broadway.  Standard, I know.

Rush Poker has been a real shot in the arm.  Although the beats can come fast and furious,  I’ve found i’m able to let them bounce off me because I really don’t have much time to dwell on them.

Bodog is running a new promo for sports fans Feb 15- Mar 14.  Cash in 3 single table sng’s a week and you’re entered into a drawing to win tickets, airfare and accommodations to the SuperBowl, NBA Finals, NHL Stanley Cup finals and the World Series.  They’re also kicking in $500 spending money for each event.  It’s a pretty awesome package.  Get more details on the Bodog Ultimate Sports Fan Experience.  They’re also running two $5k freerolls for players who qualify during this promotion.

Full Tilt is kicking off FTOPS XV today.  I doubt I’ll be playing any events but I’ll definitely be grinding satellites.