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Akenhead played his short stack fine.

Schaffel was lucky to pick up AA vs KK twice but got hosed the 2nd time.

Ivey got screwed.  AQ is his nemesis.

Begleiter got donkeypunched.

Shulman played way too tight and eventually got it in good but took it in the nutsack.  Hellmuth (his coach) gave him the bright idea to raise 4-5x pf instead of the standard 2.5x-3x and Ivey pounced on him twice with shoves forcing him to fold.  Great coaching Phil!

Buchman overplayed AQ but prior to that was playing well.

Saout played the best IMO and for that the poker gods rewarded him a swift junk kicking.

Moon….. K9o and A-rag?  really??  my god his final table play was awful.  But he was able to overcome his terrible play with two huge suckouts. He owes the poker gods a reach around.  He did play well HU though.

Cada: this kid played with no fear, got his chips in bad several times and won the whole damn thing.  Biggest lucksac on the planet.  In an interview afterwards he said something to the effect that if he ever complains about poker again, kick him in the balls.

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I followed the entire final table and HU play live at Bluff Magazine’s site including 17 hours of play to get down to HU and 3 hrs of heads up play.  This is by far the sickest WSOP Main Event final table i’ve ever witnessed.

Seriously, politicians can take this footage straight to congress and shut down online poker forever.

I’m very curious to see the hole cards on some of the hands and anxious to see ESPN’s edited footage tonight at 9pm ET.

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One more shot

I just won a seat into ‘Stars $650 WSOP Main Event Qualifier thru a $36 DS, twenty-five 12k pkgs are guaranteed.  Tournament goes off Sunday at 6pm ET.  I also won a seat into tonight’s $322 qualifier on Full Tilt but unregistered to use the T$ to try and sat into their $535 qualifier on Sunday.

GL me

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USAirways Las Vegas

I started looking into flights/hotels for Las Vegas and was able to get a deal for 3 nights at Harrah’s including airfare for $260 plus tax through USAirways Vacation site. 

Pretty sick, Vegas is cheap right now! 

With all the tournament series’ going on in addition to the WSOP, I decided to book it.  I arrive in Las Vegas Tuesday 6/23 around 7pm local time and return on Friday night. 

I’m planning to play at least two Venetian DeepStack tournaments, the $330 @ noon Wednesday and the $550 @ noon Thursday.  I’m not gonna bother with satellites this time.  The structures are awful. I’m better off trying to recover the buy-ins at the cash tables.

After I fly in Tuesday, I’ll cruise over to Venetian to buy-in to Wednesday’s tournament then stop by the Rio to say what’s up to a few people.  Other than that, I really don’t have any other plans.  I’ve read that TJ is planning a get together on Thursday night, so I’ll probably try to catch up with them after the Venetian tournament. 

No WSOP events are planned unless I do really well at the Venetian or I’m able to win a seat into the Main Event online this weekend.  I was able to satellite into the 150 seat guarantee scheduled this Sunday on Full Tilt.  But, I haven’t had any luck winning a seat into PokerStar’s $650 qualifier. I’m still going to bang away at that.

Hopefully I can get lucky one time.

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We’re midway through the 2009 WSOP and several poker bloggers have scooped some serious cash starting with the $2500 NLHE Event #13.  SprStoner made the final table finishing 3rd for $200k with Anguila cashing 46th in the same event.  The following week, we discovered CK was the 39th best Omaha-Stud hi/lo or better player in the world.  And yesterday, LJ just missed a final table in Event #31, the $1500 HORSE tournament finishing 10th for $19k. 

One of Jamyhawk’s buddies Mike Eise, won his seat into a $1500 donkament through a local poker club and snapped up a bracelet in Event #28 along with $639k. 

There are still 20 events left in this year’s WSOP. Is this the year a poker blogger makes a deep run in the Main Event?  It’s shaping up to look that way.

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With the big dance just a few weeks away, there are still several ways to win a seat into the 2009 WSOP Main Event.

Here are a few online qualifiers being offered:

PokerStars 200 Seat Guarantee Sunday June 14th@ 1:30pm ET – $370 direct buy-in. A $12k package is awarded for every 34 entries (approx). You can satellite into this for a little as $2.  But the easier route is via their $27r or $80 freezeout satellites or $16 / $36 double-shootouts. 

Full Tilt Poker 150 Seat Guarantee Sunday June 21st@ 6pm ET – $535 direct buy-in.  A $12k package is awarded for every 24 entries.  Satellites start at $25.  Easiest route is their $160 single table sng and $75 or $100 freezeout satellites.  Full Tilt is also offering $216 double-shootouts to the WSOP Main Event.  One seat is awarded for every 60 entries.  The easiest way to satellite into this is their $26 6-max double-shootout. 

Bodog Poker 4 Seat Guarantee Sunday June 14th@ 4:35pm ET – $270 direct buy-in.  A $12k package is awarded for every 48 entries.  Satellite in for $1, easiest route is their $29 freezeout satellite. 

I intend to try and satellite into Full Tilt Poker’s 150 Seat Guarantee and PokerStars 200 Seat Guarantee.  If I can lock up a seat into those, I’ll try a $216 double-shootout on Full Tilt also.  I don’t plan on spending a lot on satellites this year.  If I fail to get there, it won’t be a huge disappointment. 

 Good Luck!

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