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This was my 4th year of WPBT assclownery. Every time I get the opportunity to meet anonymous internet bloggers I get to put a face to the online donkery. I also reconnect with past internet acquaintances. Mix in poker, alcohol and gamboooling and you’ve got yourself a recipe for drunktardedness.

Hauled ass to Caesar’s poker room for the 1pm tournament after landing in Vegas at 12:35pm just to be seated at the toughest starting table in the room, why did I bother. Chad bounced within minutes of sitting down at our table blasting away with the hammer into F-Train’s top set, gg sir. I won exactly 3 pots in the tournament and spewed with overs the rest of the time. AK/AJs no goot to me. My starting table breaks and I get moved.

Doubled thru Blinders AQo with KTo (aipf) on a A-J-K all diamond flop. I had no diamonds (Blinders had Qd), binked a K on the river. There is a poker god. Ran my highest pocket pair of the tournament, 77 into Astin’s TT. Then dark shoved my last few chips into Bayne’s BB. 7s9s vs Bayne’s A8o. He boats up. Well played sir, well played.

I got Astin/Bayned.

Got something to eat at Caesar’s food court, chicken burrito with chips/salsa and a soda, $16.95 combo “special”. It was good though. It would be my one and only meal of the day.

Tina finally arrives after finishing up some school work at the hotel. We head straight to the bar to start drinking. We get a red wine and two Bud Lights, $25 plus tip. Why am I buying alcohol in Vegas? dumb

We hang around the poker room to see the final table of the #WPBT tournament. Wawfuls finally shows up looking a bit haggard. We insist he start drinking asap. Unfortunately, the waitresses seemed to want to ignore us in the tournament room. The final table forms and Al orders shots shortly after. About 30 mins later they finally arrive. Everyone drinks up while the final table plays on.

Caesar’s dropped the blinds a few levels so there was more play at the final table. So it took a while for the 1st player to bust. There weren’t any interesting hands except one where it appeared Astin caught Gnome bluffing the river after checking down every previous street.

When they got 3-handed with Astin, Al and Joe Speaker, all hell broke lose. The blinds were getting ridiculous. Someone was all-in almost every hand. A chop was discussed with Al having a slight chip lead. Al was willing to do an even chop if he was proclaimed the winner and got the gold hammer trophy. Speaker and Astin wouldn’t agree so Al stands up and proclaims “NO CHOP!”. Al goes on to lose two big races but somehow manages to outlast Speaker who finished 3rd. Al dark shoves the 1st hand after Speaker goes out and wakes up with AQs. Unfortunately for Al, Astin being Astin wakes up with AKs and it holds.

For the first time ever a Canadian takes the hammer trophy on our own home turf. Congrats kid, well done.

Next up: pub crawl with Wawfuls and Tina, drunk 1/2 NL with Chad at Venetian, LJ inhales Tina’s noodles at Noodle Asia and an amazon transvestite bartender serves us up at IP.

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