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Another missed opportunity

I was able to win a couple big pots and move into the top 3-4 spots of the leaderboard a couple of times during the TOC but, I wasn’t able to build any real momentum. 

One pivotal hand with Actyper, he open raises my BB and I call with QJo.  Flop comes 8-T-x w/ two spades giving me 2 overs and a gutterball.  I check raise making him commit his tournament life to see the remaining two.  After some deliberation, he shoves the rest in with 6-6.  I snap call.  Pretty ballsy play on his part.  I miss and he doubles thru.  He never looked back from there.  I still had a better than avg stack but was unable to get it done.  A while later I open shoved AdTd 6-handed on the FT bubble into the SB’s JJ and that was that.  I didn’t stick around to see how the rest of the tournament played out, I shut down the Full Tilt client and went to jacuzzi with Tina. 

Congrats to Actyper and JJok for winning the 10k seats, i hope they’re put to good use (i.e. freeroll the WSOP ME).  Congrats to CK and Karmarules for snapping up the 2k packages. 

Thanks to Al for all the hard work and Full Tilt for putting up the prizes. 

In other news, SprStoner finished 3rd in the $2500 WSOP Event 13 for over $200k.  Very well done sir.


Back to the grind…

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It all comes down to this

bbt4_3_mediumAfter 3 months of tilt shoves, rail rants, lucksac races, donk calls, making your own luck and bloggament purgatory, the BBT4 Tournament of Champions is finally upon us.

 There’s no shortage of imaginary odds being placed on TOC participants. I’m not going there.  Everyone’s gotta 20-1 shot IMO.  Whoever comes into the final table and gets hot will capture the top prizes.  There’s some skill required to make a final table and play short handed but generally, that’s how tournaments go.

 Hopefully, the guy who deserves all the credit for making the BBT a reality will cash in on all the bloggahmayhem.

GL this Sunday SirAlCantHang, may the Full Tilt Pokah RNG be with you.

I hope whoever finishes in the top 2 spots will play this year’s WSOP Main Event.  It’s the BBT winner’s last chance and basically a freeroll.  We’d luv to read about it.  

GL all

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Big Game Mulligan..shhhiiippp

Pokah is ez when you hit every draw and your hands hold.  I crashed and burned in just about everything else i sat down to play today.  gg to all who won their seat into next Sunday’s BBT4 TOC.

Big Game Mulligan 5-31-09

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On tap for Sunday

OFC 15:00ET $5.50 buy-in / WSOP Main Event Mania – $2,675 added. The top 5 players will each receive a bonus prize Full Tilt Poker Tournament Ticket to the 150 Main Event Guarantee. $2,000 cash added to total prize pool.

BritDonkament FTP 16:00ET / $5.50 buy-in / pw: donkament

Bodog 100k Guarantee / 16:00ET / $100+9 buy-in

Blogger Big Game FTP 21:30ET / $69+6 buy-in / pw: donkey

Blogger Big Game Mulligan FTP 22:30ET / $40+4 buy-in pw: vegas
23k Guarantee KO FTP 00:00ET / $69+6
GL all

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– 1 in the BBT4 TOC

i got very lucky at the final table to pick up KK > QQ > JJ to triple up early. then later picked up AA > QQ. I coolered Bessin with KT vs K9 on a KK-x flop 3 handed, very next hand i pick up KJo vs Shabaz K6s and that was that.

My 2nd mOokiement win during BBT4.

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