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Back in the Game

After almost a year of job searching following our move to FL, I finally landed an IT gig at the second largest hospital in the Tampa Bay area.

Unfortunately, it’s not a management position as I’ve held with my previous two employers.  Now I’m the guy in the trenches doing a lot of the heavy lifting.  Instead of managing IT projects, personnel and budgets, I’m rolling up my sleeves performing IT service myself.  While I feel I’ve taken two steps back career wise, there’s definitely a lot of job satisfaction in supporting a hospital employee who’s in the business of serving a fellow human in need.  I walk out my front door now with a real purpose and come home with a sense of fulfillment.  In my two months there I’ve been all over the hospital, in places I never thought I’d work.  It’s been an interesting journey so far.

Tina finished up her internship last month and is now in the process of finding a post-doc.  It’s been a long road of sacrifice and hard work but she’s finally attained “Dr.” status.  We’re flying back to CA for her graduation ceremony in October.  To say I’m extremely proud of her seems like a colossal understatement.  Her commitment and passion toward this achievement has really demonstrated to me what she’s made of.  I feel very fortunate to have been by her side as she chases her dream.

Meanwhile in the poker realm, since Black Friday I’ve seen the inside of a poker room once.  I sat down one night after work at One Eyed Jacks.  But I left after about an hour of play realizing I was sitting with a table full of nut peddlers and only one fish.  The fish left so I had no reason to stick around and it turned out I wasn’t really in the mood to play anyway.  Since its off-season at the dog track, I suspect that’s mostly the case with the games there unless it’s a Friday or Saturday night.

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