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dinking and donking

Reading posts and tweets about snowmaggedon and the nasty weather that pounded the northeast this winter, I’m thankful not to be shoveling driveways and scraping ice off the windshield.  Florida is not so bad after all.  But I reserve the right to change my mind later, notably when June/July swings back around.

I’ve been dinking and donking around in super turbo and Rush tournaments without much success.   The luck factor is magnified in these formats but I just don’t have the patience or motivation I used to for a well structured online poker tournament.

Adjusting to the EST zone has been somewhat of a nuisance.   Especially in the context of following my West Coast teams.  For instance, Lakers home games don’t hit the tube until 10:30pm ET and MNF games were running up until almost midnight.

On the topic of football, I’ve decided to relinquish our Charger’s season tickets for next season.  Travel expenses for the two home games we attended last season was around $1200 a visit.  This included free lodging at my brother’s condo in Dana Point.  Even with the added benefit of visiting family, it’s just too much of a commitment for us.  The Chargers missing the playoffs for the first time in 4 years, the CBA hanging over the league’s head and the city of SD unable to put together funding for a new stadium made the decision a no brainer.  The team will probably end up in L.A and I suspect they’ll go the PSL route which will be too expensive for us anyway.   I consider myself very lucky to have been able to keep the seats since the 2000 season and witness the Chargers turnaround from being a doormat in the AFC to a team with SB potential.

Finding employment in FL has been discouraging.  Unemployment numbers out here are some of the highest in the nation.  Rarely do I get more than a canned response to any job application.  This has prompted me to pursue work as a network contractor.  Tina’s sister has been a huge help developing marketing materials for me and I’ve been able to obtain accounting/contact management software for next to nothing.  Next steps are finding clients.  All I really need is a handful of small networks to support to keep me busy.

The good news is I’ve been back at the gym consistently since moving out here in July.  I run about 3 miles a day/5 days a week on the dreadmill and pushing weight around on the machines.  I’ve been utilizing the gym in our complex which is somewhat limited as far as equipment goes but it does have a nice view of the pool while I get my sweat on.

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