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US Poker Sites

Some online poker rooms are not open to US residents.  Fortunately, there are still several sites which are more than happy to scoop rake and tournament fees from American players.  Availability of online poker to US residents isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

You can register a new account for free to participate in regularly scheduled freerolls and most offer significant initial deposit bonuses.  US money poker sites offer these initial deposit bonuses which can payout anywhere from 100-200% of your initial deposit.   For new players this means, deposit $500 and earn up to $1000 with a 200% initial deposit bonus.

These bonuses are earned by accumulating frequent player points (FPP’s) from playing ring games, tournaments and sng’s. Check each site’s FPP earning schedule to determine how best to accumulate FPP’s.  Some sites offer “Happy Hour” where FPP’s are accumulated at a faster rate.

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