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BBT5 meh

I played 16 events, final tabled 4 tournaments bubbled a TOC seat once and cashed a total of $462 according to Heffmike’s BBT5 Leaderboard.

Bubbling a TOC seat was pretty brutal.  But the way I went out of last night’s mOOkie was even more painful.  Got all my chips in the middle in dominating fashion.  But, after FTP’s rng was done with me I was busto instead of the chip leader 4 handed at the final table.

gg, thanks for playin’

The TOC is tonight at 10pm ET.  Best of luck to all who made it and big thanks to AlCantHang and Full Tilt Poker for putting together another great series for us.

Most of my attention will be focused on tonight’s Laker game.

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When i got the boot from my old job, I was 42 yrs old. I immediately put my updated resume up on several well known sites and got a few interviews
that went no where.

I came to a realization.

My professional background is in Information Technology Management. I managed an engineering staff as well as a desktop support staff. I built
a team that was loyal and professional who cared about each other, not
easy to do.

I found several “Management” positions but they were mostly glorified managers. By that I mean technical professionals who were looking for a management title.

The majority of the IT skills I accumulated over the years were no longer needed. I managed an engineering staff and technical support staff
who did their job well. They just needed my direction, motivation,
encouragement and nurturing.

I had an employee who i didn’t even hire tell me I was “like a brother to
him”. Our crew was very tight. My previous employer went through several directors and our CFO fell in love with a director he had past history with.

It changed everything.

Since then I’ve been playing poker, selling advertising and collecting $$
from affiliate advertising, writing and other creative means. Somehow, I’ve been able to get by but I haven’t hit the grand slam I was hoping for. Call me a sellout. I’d like to think of myself as a survivor.

I’ll always play poker but after our move to FL next month, I’ll be forced to looking into some sort of regular employment. While I’m definitely not looking forward to waking up at a reasonable time in the A.M., i realize I can’t retire this early and must find a way to bring in a reliable income for the family. This month to month shit is just no longer feasible.

Tina and I were talking with a neighbor who had recently graduated from college that’s in a similar predicament. Where do I go from here? There are just so many options. One of them may be stocking shelves at Home Depot.

It can always be worse.

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