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Rush Poker

Full Tilt poker has introduced a sick twist to online poker, the game we love to hate.  This bastardized version of online cash game crack is “Rush Poker”.

Before Rush Poker, you’d see an average of approximately 65 hands per hour playing at a 9-handed full ring cash table.  Now with Rush Poker you can see over 4x as many hands.

I found it somewhat difficult to keep up with more than two Rush Poker cash tables going.  I also had two other standard tournament/sng tables up at the same time.  But even if I had shut those down, I could see myself having trouble keeping up with more than three Rush Poker tables running simultaneously.

And yes, they have Omaha HI Rush Poker tables. :puke:

Full Tilt is crushing the rake on these new games.  Rush Poker is a great way to accumulate rakeback.  It definitely makes accumulating points for Iron Man and TrulyFreePokerTraining much easier.

Full Tilt is running their double guarantees this week (Jan 25th-31st).  I was hoping to see some overlays but they’re easily meeting and exceeding their guaranteed prize pools.

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