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Precious Moments

You ever think to yourself,

“why do i do stupid shit?”.

I limp or call when I should raise.  I check when I should bet.  I call when I should fold.  I raise when I should check or call. I re-raise when I should just GTFO.

Luck is such a HUGE factor in this game, I need to bet when I get lucky and think I’m ahead, and bet big enough so it’s not a no-brainer call.  Why give brain dead button mashers a chance to catch up on the cheap?

I’ve really been rethinking my pre-flop/post-flop tendencies.

A session doesn’t go by that I don’t want to kick myself in the balls for doing something stupid.

Happy Turkey and Football Day! The absolute best holiday of the year.

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45 man sng’s

I’ve dabbled in these before but i never took them seriously.  The structure isn’t that good.  They can become a crapshoot at the final table but I’ve adjusted well.  Lots of dead money in these.

Smokkee's sharkscope 11-13-09

I haven’t made a ton of money playing sngs on FTP but, I plan to change that in the coming months.

Monkey pushbot poker is a lot easier than playing post flop in cash games.  There’s a good reason why online pros are 20 tabling sngs.

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Akenhead played his short stack fine.

Schaffel was lucky to pick up AA vs KK twice but got hosed the 2nd time.

Ivey got screwed.  AQ is his nemesis.

Begleiter got donkeypunched.

Shulman played way too tight and eventually got it in good but took it in the nutsack.  Hellmuth (his coach) gave him the bright idea to raise 4-5x pf instead of the standard 2.5x-3x and Ivey pounced on him twice with shoves forcing him to fold.  Great coaching Phil!

Buchman overplayed AQ but prior to that was playing well.

Saout played the best IMO and for that the poker gods rewarded him a swift junk kicking.

Moon….. K9o and A-rag?  really??  my god his final table play was awful.  But he was able to overcome his terrible play with two huge suckouts. He owes the poker gods a reach around.  He did play well HU though.

Cada: this kid played with no fear, got his chips in bad several times and won the whole damn thing.  Biggest lucksac on the planet.  In an interview afterwards he said something to the effect that if he ever complains about poker again, kick him in the balls.

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I followed the entire final table and HU play live at Bluff Magazine’s site including 17 hours of play to get down to HU and 3 hrs of heads up play.  This is by far the sickest WSOP Main Event final table i’ve ever witnessed.

Seriously, politicians can take this footage straight to congress and shut down online poker forever.

I’m very curious to see the hole cards on some of the hands and anxious to see ESPN’s edited footage tonight at 9pm ET.

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