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I’ve been back at the Bodog cash tables the last few weeks wondering why I ever left. Actually the reason I took a break was I had a really bad downswing in April. But since I’ve been back, the Bodog poker gods have treated me well.

I stumbled across the best cash table I’ve seen in quite a while at 200 NL. Some guy was lagtarding it up pretty hard, the list was 6 deep and by the time I sat down he had $900 in front of him. He stacked me once with Jd4d on a K-high flop with 2 diamonds. I had KdQs and it all went in on the flop but of course he binked a diamond on the river. I insta-loaded, knowing I’d get plenty of other opportunities for a rebate later.

After I reloaded, I doubled thru with 10-10 vs this clown’s 3-5o then scooped $800 with presto in a 3-way pot. He loved playing HUGE pots with marginal hands.

Lagtard reloaded several times after eventually donking off the $900 stack he had. It was the kind of table you wish would never break but the guy eventually ran out of bullets around 4am (PST). I was buckled in for another all-nighter but it wasn’t meant to be.

Very happy with the session though.

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