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Bodog Canada

Bodog has finally opened its doors to Canadian residents.  They’re currently accepting customers to their Bodog Canada Poker Room.   All the same tournaments, ring games and sngs as offered to U.S. residents.

Very good timing with the 2009 NFL season about to kick off.

Bodog is currently offering a 115% new players sign-up bonus and 100% reload bonus for existing players (up to $500).

The Bodog Poker Open IV (BPO 4) is planned to kick off this fall as well as the Bodog Blogger Tournament.


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coolers and bad beats

it’s been a rough week so far, annoying really.

i setup a new twitter site to post Tina’s nuggets of wisdom


ESPN’s coverage of the 2009 Main Event has been better than avg IMO.

If you peepls are interested in the NFL’s, check out my Charger blog at www.boltsgamedayfootball.com

This is the Bolts year no doubt.  Steelers, Colts and Patsies can suck it.

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seven dueceIt’s a powerful play.  If you know how to use it correctly you won’t just make more money, but your table image will improve. Whether you play live poker or online poker, check-raising is a skill you must utilize if you want to be a strong all-around player.

A good approach to using this play is to set your table image as tight.  Even though you’re folding and/or playing straightforward early, you’re really setting a trap for later.

Just when everyone thinks you’re playing by the book and you hit a big hand, check.  Keep in mind – you want to wait to do this against someone who likes to bet.  If you do it against a tight player, you’re not going to get paid.  But,  against an aggressive player you can win a big pot.  Many times after an aggro sees a ‘tight’ player check, they’ll bet.

Even if you’re just starting to learn poker there’s an even better way to use this play, check-raise semi-bluff.  This is when you call a pre-flop bet out of position and flop a draw.  You may not have the best hand but you have outs to hit the nuts or close to it.

In Texas Hold ‘em you want to protect a made hand on each street by betting enough to force a player to made an improper call based on the odds of making a hand.  If someone sees a check-raise on the flop or turn, they’ll think you’re ahead trying to protect your hand. If you check-raise on the river, they’ll think they’re beat most of the time.

Regardless of what street you’re on (flop, turn, river), the check-raise is scary.  To make sure you’re using this play at the right time, you must have a good idea of what your opponent is holding and their tendencies.

For instance, if they raised pre-flop, the flop has an ace and they bet big they’re probably trying to protect top pair. This is a good time to check-raise, unless they’re the type of player that can’t fold top pair. If you think your opponent has less than two pair and knows where the fold button is, blast away.  Be careful not to use this play against a calling station. It’s important to know your opponent.

In conclusion, use your check-raises in poker against the right people at the right time. If you get re-raised, fold. If you get called, check. Minimize losses, maximize gains.

Implement check-raising into your poker game today and watch your bankroll grow.

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SuperTurbo STT sngs on Full Tilt Poker.

Blinds start at 15/30 @ 3 min levels, you get 300 starting chips. 

These are push/fold from the get go, starting hand requirements and timing are key. You’ll run into coolers and bad beats (standard) but you can really grind away at these without committing a bunch of time. 

This is my simple 10 min strategy guide.

Don’t shove into an UTG/EP limper or minraiser with anything less than QQ/AK.    The common play is to limp/minraise with BIG starting hands from EP.  Don’t open shove or call a shorty shove with anything less than A-To.  Fold < 66 from EP, open shove 77 and higher from CO+2. Open jam Q9s+/JT/J9s from CO+, widen your open shoving range from the Button/CO if the blinds have demonstrated a tight image. 

When you start to get short on chips widen your calling (all-in) range to include any two broadway cards, A8x+, any sooted Ace, any pocket pair and sooted conn 89+.  Only limp/call/minraise with monsters.  Abuse the bubble if you’ve got the rest of the field well covered (3x+ more chips).  Just a minraise will work alot of times. 

disclaimer: this is generally how i approach these but i’ll occasionally deviate from these guidelines depending on table dynamics.

Fist pump after every suckout

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Since Joe Hachem’s dramatic come from behind win in the 2005 WSOP Main Event, popularity has increased in Australian online poker.  Hachem was born in Lebanon and moved with his family to Australia in 1972.

Joe battled back from a short stack at the final table of the 2005 WSOP Main Event to eventually take the chip lead 3-handed and beat Steve Dannenmann heads up for $7.5 million. Hachem later went on to win $2.2m and a WPT title in Bellagio’s 2006 Five Diamond Classic.

Hachem’s accomplishments have brought many new players from Australia.

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New players can sign-up for a new PokerStars account and get 100% bonus up to $600 on their initial deposit.

New PokerStars players sign-up, deposit $600 and get $600.

Existing players can get a 50% reload bonus up to $300. Reload before 23:59 ET August 14th, 2009 to get your 50% bonus and use deposit code WCOOP if you’re an existing player. To ensure you qualify for as much bonus money as possible, PokerStars allows you to make two additional deposits within 90 days of your reload for a maximum of $300 bonus. Deposit $600 get $300.

Please remember that bonus offers expire and you must earn the required VPPs before the expiration date to earn your bonus. To check when your bonus expires, click the Cashier button in your PokerStars game software, and then click the button that reads “Check My Bonus Status.”

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So what’s next?

PokerStars is kicking off WCOOP Extreme Satellites on August 4th for their upcoming online tournament series.  They’re added hundreds of seats on top of the satellite prize pools.  For example, 100 T$109 seats will be added to their August 4th satellite ($7.50 buy-in) hosted at 2pm ET 8/04, pretty awesome value.

Full Tilt’s FTOPS XIII starts Wednesday August 5th with a $216 buy-in for Event 1.  MiniFTOPS starts September 9th with 25 events scheduled at 1/10th the buy-in of FTOPS events.  I haven’t played many FTOPS events in the past and don’t plan to play any this time around either.  I may sit in a few MiniFTOPS events tho.

Bodog recently bumped up the buy-in of their 100k Guaranteed tournament held every Sunday at 4pm EST.  Even with the higher buy-in there was still a 27k overlay. Unfortunately, they’re not running 25 seat guaranteed satellites anymore. They’re 10 seats guaranteed now making it harder to satellite in. So I haven’t played the 100k since they bumped the buy-in. I’ll still try to sat in occasionally. Unfortunately they also lowered the guarantees on many other tournaments and removed some altogether. I’m sure this is having an negative effect on their traffic. I haven’t spent much time there since these changes were introduced.

There’s no 750k during FTOPS so I’ll be playing other sats instead. I was a little burned out from the satellite challenge the previous week and only won 8 seats to the 750k last week.

Other news, I noticed one of the front tires on my Audi was almost bald. They’re Pirelli P6’s and I’ve burnt through two sets like crayons since I’ve owned my TT.  It’s only got 53k miles.  I shopped around a bit online and decided to put some all-season tires on this time around. I ordered Goodyear Eagle GT’s to replace the P6’s.  They got a lot of positive reviews and should arrive for installation Wednesday.  Man I hate having to pay for shit like that.  But I also don’t like sitting on the side of a road with a blowout or worse, get in an accident because of it.

Go out and check your tires before summer’s over, stay safe.

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