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I’m definitely looking forward to taking a break from this stoopid f’n game. 

We arrive in CLE Friday night with a calendar full of activities with the in-laws including a game at the Jake to watch two cellar dwellers go at it toe to toe on 4th of July.

I’ll be sporting my Halo jersey for the BB game and Laker jersey for the family BBQ.  SoCal hate from the local CLE (we finished in 2nd again) contingent should ensue.  😀

Fortunately, I get along exceptionally well with her family so I don’t expect to get cracked over the head with a beer bottle (i hope).  They are huge fans of their local teams and I respect that.  But, it’s in my DNA to give them shit for dusting off several chances at a championship over the past few yrs and ruining my chance at going to an NBA Finals game.  If the team with the best record in the 2009 NBA regular season didn’t suck moosecock in the Eastern Conf Finals, we would’ve been more than happy to plop down $1k for NBA Finals tix. 

gg Buckeyes/Cavs

Enjoy your friends and family.  Have a safe holiday.

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