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I went into Sunday with 11 wins tied with “PokerStallion” atop the FTP 750k satellite challenge leaderboard. 

The entire week I was on the lookout for “The Fiend 34“.  I was aware of his domination of FTP sats but he was nowhere on the leaderboard radar.

That was until today when he came out 14-tabling, piling up win after win finishing the day with 23 and a 1st place finish in the sat challenge for a cash bonus of $400.  I got $200 cash for 2nd.  3rd got nada.  You shoulda woke up earlier instead of sleeping in PokerStallion, sucks to be you.  MonkeyLover fizzled out after Friday.  I think he finally figured out he wasn’t gonna keep up playing $14+1 double-shootouts.

16 wins in Full Tilt Poker 750k Satellite Challenge

I finished the week with 16 after adding 5 more wins on Sunday.  I guess I needed an 18 game lead going into the last day of the challenge.  Either that or try and 14 table them which is probably not gonna happen.

Next time, I’ll stay away from the turbo MTT sat minefields that run on Sundays and just stick to the single table non-turbo sng sats.  The fields are very soft.  The turbo MTT sats just cut into my profit and are more or less a crapshoot.  I won 2 seats in 4000 fpp MTT satellites that didn’t show up in my total.  I’m not sure why that is but whatevah, I picked up 86k in FPP’s.  Now Tina wants me to get a Sony camcorder from the Full Tilt Store.  That might be fun but I think I’m gonna sit on the FPP’s for now.

Unfortunately, i didn’t take the title this week but it was definitely a profitable experience.  Maybe next time.

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I’ve got a two game lead on Monkeylover going into the 2nd half of this week’s FTP 750k satellite challenge.


750k satellite challenge 7-23-09


After investimigating Monkeyspooner’s OPR stats and discovering he’s playing mostly $14+1 DS’ to the 750k.  GL with that.  The best way to book this win is thru single table sng’s and MTT sats. 

This week’s challenge ends on Sunday, long way to go.  But, I’ll be bangin’ away at sats and sng’s the rest of the week and this weekend. 

Even if i don’t bag this, it will be a profitable meh’xperience.

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heh, why not

FU hatSince i’m crushing the superturbo sats I decided to take a shot at the 750k sat challenge.  Unfortunately, they don’t count superturbo sat results in the challenge stats.

FTP pays $400 cash for 1st and $200 for 2nd.

I am in.  Fuck FTP and their ghey roolz.  The man can’t keep Smokkee down. 


I do it anywayz.

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FTP superturbo sats have been treating me well.  Last week, I won 8 seats to the 750k.  This week is the 1.5m Sunday guarantee ($535 buy-in) so the sats are a bit tougher.  I’ve been playing mostly the $24+1’s  superturbo supersats into the $100+9 to the 1.5m and scooped at least 5-6.  I haven’t been keeping close track of those.  I use to rely on OPR or PokerDB but since the FTP upgrade, neither of those have been updated. 

I played a $100 sat into the Monday 1k on a whim and won a seat but didn’t play.  I already planned to be at my brother’s for a BBQ with his family that night. 

I primarily played sats in the past to get into target tourneys on the cheap, now i’m viewing them as profit builders.  I luv the supersats, they’re over and done with in 30 mins. 

What i’m not McLovin is this:

Full Tilt update


Just about everytime i login it’s another f’n update, annoying.  I had a ton of lag issues in the first few updates and still experience them sporadically.  I just checked OPR and it looks like they’re able to track results as of yesterday.   Pokerdb is still not updating. 

Tina and I went to an Angels game Saturday and took in a 14-8 thumping of the Yankees, good times.  Later that night we saw The Hangover.  A very good flick, it gets smoke’s stamp of approval.  Go watch it.

Tina took the day off to spend my bday with me, not sure what she’s got planned.  Damn i’m getting old.  😦

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Printing moneyLike printing $$$

FTP runs $24+1 and $70+4 SuperTurbos ’round the clock.

Timing your jump into the game is key.  Dodging stoopid beats after you sit doesn’t hurt either.

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Believe it or not, I had a kick ass time in CLE with the in-laws. Standard 4th of July type activities, BBQ’s, baseball, fireworks and even went to the zoo with the niece and nephew. The little guy was a bit cranky due to lack of naps the day prior (according to mom and dad) but, i think it was really due to the stanky wrench coming from the cages.

It’s good to be back home in our own bed. 

My brother and his family are staying nearby for a couple weeks to enjoy the beach, etc.  I’m gonna to meet them for lunch later today and get out on the boat with them sometime this week. 

This has probably been the longest break from poker i’ve had in 4 years. I should be back on the tables later tonight while following Kevin and Shawn’s progress in the WSOP Main Event Day 2b. goooooooo!

By the way, this guy has to be the absolute worst ambassador for poker.  I really don’t understand how anyone can be a fan of Hellmuth.

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Happy 4th from CLE

Tribe best the A’s 5-2

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