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We’re midway through the 2009 WSOP and several poker bloggers have scooped some serious cash starting with the $2500 NLHE Event #13.  SprStoner made the final table finishing 3rd for $200k with Anguila cashing 46th in the same event.  The following week, we discovered CK was the 39th best Omaha-Stud hi/lo or better player in the world.  And yesterday, LJ just missed a final table in Event #31, the $1500 HORSE tournament finishing 10th for $19k. 

One of Jamyhawk’s buddies Mike Eise, won his seat into a $1500 donkament through a local poker club and snapped up a bracelet in Event #28 along with $639k. 

There are still 20 events left in this year’s WSOP. Is this the year a poker blogger makes a deep run in the Main Event?  It’s shaping up to look that way.

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Although the Lake Show took down Orlando 4-1, this series was a well fought battle with 2 overtime games.  I was definitely surprised to see the Magic give up game 5 and the series on their home court. 

Los Angeles’ last two trips to the NBA Finals ended miserably, but this year they finally got over the hump to scoop the Lakers 15th NBA title.  Although the real turning point was Derek Fisher’s performance in Game 4 knocking down two HUGE 3 pointers allowing the Lakers to control the series, Kobe snapped up the 2009 NBA Finals MVP and deservedly so along with his 4th championship ring.

Phil Jackson took his team to the promised land 10 times in 18 seasons, pretty incredible.  I hope we’ll see number 11 next year.

Congratulations to the 2009 NBA World Champion Los Angeles Lakers.

2009 NBA Champion Lakers


The Lake Show is back!

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I used to think poker would get easier as time went on.  Like Neo at the end of Matrix, seeing the code and effortlessly owning Agent Smith.



Every hand is a fight, every orbit a battle and every tournament is war.  Dodging bullets definitely helps.



The will to adapt, overcome, remain disciplined and survive is imperative.  Winning can be so elusive even when you make good decisions.  That may be the real reason I keep bangin’ away.

Ulltimately, I hope to get a better read on what’s coming at me and make the absolute best decisions every single time.


“….. a world without rules and controls without borders or bounderies, a world where anything is possible.  Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you.”

 Does poker ever get easy?  easy answer = no

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With the big dance just a few weeks away, there are still several ways to win a seat into the 2009 WSOP Main Event.

Here are a few online qualifiers being offered:

PokerStars 200 Seat Guarantee Sunday June 14th@ 1:30pm ET – $370 direct buy-in. A $12k package is awarded for every 34 entries (approx). You can satellite into this for a little as $2.  But the easier route is via their $27r or $80 freezeout satellites or $16 / $36 double-shootouts. 

Full Tilt Poker 150 Seat Guarantee Sunday June 21st@ 6pm ET – $535 direct buy-in.  A $12k package is awarded for every 24 entries.  Satellites start at $25.  Easiest route is their $160 single table sng and $75 or $100 freezeout satellites.  Full Tilt is also offering $216 double-shootouts to the WSOP Main Event.  One seat is awarded for every 60 entries.  The easiest way to satellite into this is their $26 6-max double-shootout. 

Bodog Poker 4 Seat Guarantee Sunday June 14th@ 4:35pm ET – $270 direct buy-in.  A $12k package is awarded for every 48 entries.  Satellite in for $1, easiest route is their $29 freezeout satellite. 

I intend to try and satellite into Full Tilt Poker’s 150 Seat Guarantee and PokerStars 200 Seat Guarantee.  If I can lock up a seat into those, I’ll try a $216 double-shootout on Full Tilt also.  I don’t plan on spending a lot on satellites this year.  If I fail to get there, it won’t be a huge disappointment. 

 Good Luck!

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Another missed opportunity

I was able to win a couple big pots and move into the top 3-4 spots of the leaderboard a couple of times during the TOC but, I wasn’t able to build any real momentum. 

One pivotal hand with Actyper, he open raises my BB and I call with QJo.  Flop comes 8-T-x w/ two spades giving me 2 overs and a gutterball.  I check raise making him commit his tournament life to see the remaining two.  After some deliberation, he shoves the rest in with 6-6.  I snap call.  Pretty ballsy play on his part.  I miss and he doubles thru.  He never looked back from there.  I still had a better than avg stack but was unable to get it done.  A while later I open shoved AdTd 6-handed on the FT bubble into the SB’s JJ and that was that.  I didn’t stick around to see how the rest of the tournament played out, I shut down the Full Tilt client and went to jacuzzi with Tina. 

Congrats to Actyper and JJok for winning the 10k seats, i hope they’re put to good use (i.e. freeroll the WSOP ME).  Congrats to CK and Karmarules for snapping up the 2k packages. 

Thanks to Al for all the hard work and Full Tilt for putting up the prizes. 

In other news, SprStoner finished 3rd in the $2500 WSOP Event 13 for over $200k.  Very well done sir.


Back to the grind…

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It all comes down to this

bbt4_3_mediumAfter 3 months of tilt shoves, rail rants, lucksac races, donk calls, making your own luck and bloggament purgatory, the BBT4 Tournament of Champions is finally upon us.

 There’s no shortage of imaginary odds being placed on TOC participants. I’m not going there.  Everyone’s gotta 20-1 shot IMO.  Whoever comes into the final table and gets hot will capture the top prizes.  There’s some skill required to make a final table and play short handed but generally, that’s how tournaments go.

 Hopefully, the guy who deserves all the credit for making the BBT a reality will cash in on all the bloggahmayhem.

GL this Sunday SirAlCantHang, may the Full Tilt Pokah RNG be with you.

I hope whoever finishes in the top 2 spots will play this year’s WSOP Main Event.  It’s the BBT winner’s last chance and basically a freeroll.  We’d luv to read about it.  

GL all

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I recently stumbled across a utility called TweetDeck.  It’s free-fiddy-free and alerts you whenever someone you’re following via twitter or facebook posts a status update. 

I’ve added several of the blogging crew who are out in Vegas covering the WSOP in addition to a few other sources and staying current with the action in Las Vegas is easier than ever.  Some of the updates are pretty hilarious.  @taopauly was twittering a scooter race between Amarillo Slim and Texas Dolly.  Doyle lost 50k for being 5 secs slower.  😀

Some of the tweets i’m following are from: @taopauly, @wsopliveupdates, @alcanthang, @ftrainpoker, @pokerroad, @bodoggirl to name a few.  i’m also following specific players.  If you don’t have a twitter account, you need to get on board now. 

Here’s a recent screenshot from my tweetdeck.



oh and don’t forget to follow @smokkee   🙂

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