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On tap for Sunday

OFC 15:00ET $5.50 buy-in / WSOP Main Event Mania – $2,675 added. The top 5 players will each receive a bonus prize Full Tilt Poker Tournament Ticket to the 150 Main Event Guarantee. $2,000 cash added to total prize pool.

BritDonkament FTP 16:00ET / $5.50 buy-in / pw: donkament

Bodog 100k Guarantee / 16:00ET / $100+9 buy-in

Blogger Big Game FTP 21:30ET / $69+6 buy-in / pw: donkey

Blogger Big Game Mulligan FTP 22:30ET / $40+4 buy-in pw: vegas
23k Guarantee KO FTP 00:00ET / $69+6
GL all

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smokkee.com will no longer be updated.  Please redirect your RSS readers, browsers, blog links and viewers here (http://www.pokeraffliction.com/).

I’ve updated my About Smokkee page for those of you who aren’t familiar with my past poker struggles and how I got here.  Thanks for reading.

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– 1 in the BBT4 TOC

i got very lucky at the final table to pick up KK > QQ > JJ to triple up early. then later picked up AA > QQ. I coolered Bessin with KT vs K9 on a KK-x flop 3 handed, very next hand i pick up KJo vs Shabaz K6s and that was that.

My 2nd mOokiement win during BBT4.

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I’m not sure if i’ve figured out how to play bloggaments or if i’m worse at pokah. Somehow i’ve donked my way to back2back2back final tables this week. I final tabled the BritDonkament Sunday, Riverchasers Monday and NoSkillz Tuesday finishing 2nd, 7th and 3rd respectively.

Although respect/skill is likely a stretch for bloggah pokah pushbot button mashing.

mOokie tonight! weeee

Tina and I are planning an overnight trip to Oceanside to meet up with a few bloggers at Ocean’s 11 Sunday night for some drunken donktard action. We’re both looking forward to it. Neither of us have played live pokah in a while (me=March, Tina=Last December).

I’ve been playing some WSOP sats on ‘Stars without much success, frustrating as expected.

I final tabled the Bodog 6k gtd again last night but came into the final table shortstacked and finished 7th for a small cash (7th/214). While making a final table is always a goal when I fire up any tournament. When i finally get there, finishing anywhere but the top 3 spots just blows.

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Yesterday I received my copy of Mike Matusow’s biography, “Check Raising the Devil”. I got through the first 6 chapters relatively quickly and look forward to finishing it this week.

I’ve always admired Mike as a tournament player. He’s well known for his tournament blow ups but he’s had a lot of success as a live MTT player which can be overshadowed by his brash personality at the tables. He’s been busto several times, struggled with drugs and health issues but that hasn’t stopped him from getting deep in the biggest tournament on the planet. Last year, he finished 30th of 6,844 runners in the 2008 WSOP Main Event. Mike has also final tabled the 2001 and 2005 WSOP Main Event and has three WSOP Bracelets. Matusow has cashed $7m in tournament winnings.

Many players will appreciate Mike’s love for poker after he first gets introduced to NLHE and his passion for tournaments.

“It’s one thing to walk away from a cash game with more chips than you started with, but it’s a whole different monster high to be the only one left standing at the end of a tournament.”

This is something many of us can relate to. I’ve done the cash game grind and on a good night, you walk away with 3-4 buy-ins which in no way can compare to a tournament win where a win can get you 100 buy-ins. And there’s no better feeling IMO than starting a tournament with the same stack as the rest of the field and finishing with all the chips in play.

Tina has seen me win live / online MTT’s and could never understand why I’d be visibly upset after finishing 2nd or 3rd. Although the payouts at any of the top 3 spots are something to be happy about, there’s nothing better than a tournament win. Working your way through a big field and coming up short by 1-2 spots after several hours of play can be extremely disappointing.

Mike also discusses his move up in limit cash games stakes from 2/4 to 40/80 which was big at the time and his first experience playing live cash games with WSOP Main Event Champion, Huck Seed.

Looking back on my 1st live cash game experience at Bally’s poker room in Las Vegas, I was extremely nervous the entire time. Somehow I still walked away with a small profit that night. I also cashed in my first live MTT which is probably why I spent so much time in my early poker education, playing live poker.

After several hours behind the live felt, I’m just too comfortable playing online.

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Mom and Dad…

I put a few thoughts down here I wanted to share with you and Dad but never seemed to make the time. I’ve always been really bad about that.

Although like most kids, I had some difficult times growing up. I still feel like I had the best childhood a kid could ever hope for. You and pops always encouraged me and gave us every opportunity to chase our dreams. I’ve even told close friends that I’d be happy to start my life all over in elementary school, not because I would do much differently but because my childhood was that good.

I always enjoyed the home cooked meals, homemade lunches and Dad throwing the ball around with me and Dave in the backyard. It was obvious Dad wanted us to do well in sports which we did. Unfortunately, neither of us turned out to be the next Vladimir Guerrero or Kirk Gibson. We enjoyed every minute of it.

I miss the times we would play baseball all day and you would call us in for dinner just as it got dark. Sometimes, we would continue playing then Dad would have to call us in. That’s when we knew it was last call.

Thanks for the best Christmas ever, our red Schwinn sting-ray bicycles. And while i’m at it, thanks for every Christmas, Easter, birthday and everything else. I never knew how little money we had until i got older. You and Dad really found a way to stretch it. We both love you for that.

We were very lucky Dad was a mechanic. Otherwise, we would’ve probably had a much harder time getting our first cars and replacing the engines / clutches we blew racing around the neighborhood like idiots. Love you Dad!

Thanks for being so supportive of me. I always knew i could count on you for encouragement and support. There were several times I wanted to call to talk about things I was struggling with but, I didn’t want to give you something else to worry about.

Like Mom needs something more to worry about.

I miss grandma and grandpa. They were the best grandparents ever, stern, straight forward and very loving. I still remember grandma’s little chihuahua “pie” yapping it up whenever we came to the door. I also loved that they lived where it snowed even though it seemed like it took 18 hrs to get there when it was actually only a 2 hour drive. It’s cool to know grandpa was a good cardplayer. I wish I could’ve played some games with him.

Lastly, I’m glad you and Dad were finally able to see me settle down. Hopefully, the lord will smile upon us soon and you’ll have another grandchild.

Love you both!

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but 2nd isn’t terrible, especially after coming into the final table 5th in chips….

and after this

i got deepish in MiniFTOPS #1 too (over 14000 runners)

pokah is ez sometimes.

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