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I recently came across a utility called “Overlay Notifier” which runs on your toolbar and notifies you when an upcoming tournament has an overlay.

The screenshot above shows a tournament is about to start on Bodog Poker @ 10pm PST with a 44% overlay. It also shows the buy-in, gtd prize pool and the number of players currently registered. If you click on the alert it brings up your poker client and with some clients, the tournament registration window will pop up. Until today, i didn’t even realize ‘Stars had tournaments with overlays.

Most popular sites are supported including Full Tilt, PokerStars, Bodog and Cake. You can set the notifier to alert you based on a few settings you can customize. I have mine set to notify me if there’s a poker tournament with at least a 30% overlay that’s 1 minute from starting. Since most sites have late registration, it still gives me plenty of time to get registered.

The best part is it’s Free-Fiddy-FREE.

btw, i requested a check from Bodog last Tuesday night and received it this Monday. Their payments are being processed much faster as of late.

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I’ve been deep in Bodog’s 6k Guarantee a few times before, bubbling just before the final table. This time around I ran pretty hot when we got down to 3 tables and was able to carry it thru to a win. But it wasn’t easy.

I got HU against a maniac on my left that was giving me trouble at the final table. He had a 2-1 chip lead but i just waited for some good spots to trap and knew he’d pay me off.

I won a huge pot with A-3 vs 10-5 on a A-3-4-10-3 board to double the first time. Then i picked up the mightee Q-8 on the button and limped. He minraised, which he was doing a lot HU. He either would minraise or shove. The flop came Q high, he bet i called. turn was an 8 and it all went in. He turned out to have J-3o and flopped 2p but i turned a higher 2p. Poker is ez when you can get lucky in a few critical spots. Crazy thing is i never saw A-A or K-K the entire tournament, pretty sick.

Although the screenshot says 1st paid out $1270, that didn’t include the overlay. The difference in payouts between 1st & 2nd was $600. 1st paid $1650.

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